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Acquisition and Enrichment

Build the marketing database and capture zero-party data to fuel personalized marketing

A meaningful, lasting, and emotional connection between your brand and customers is the ultimate goal. This requires the orchestration of activities and outcomes that drives engagement in every touchpoint, throughout the customer lifecycle, from acquisition to retention. The modern consumer demands increased privacy, tightened data controls, and the right to be forgotten. By taking the zero-party data path, marketers become empowered to build direct relationships with consumers and, in turn, better personalize their marketing efforts, services, offers, and product recommendations.


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Cheetah Digital’s Acquisition and Enrichment capabilities allow marketers to drive new customer growth, engage existing customers, and generate key psychographic data on customers and prospects to fuel personalization efforts, inform business strategy, and drive more efficient advertising efforts. Our seamless integration across the Cheetah Customer Engagement Suite solutions enables brands to build upon zero-party data strategies, and offer a better value exchange with consumers and their explicit preferences.