Cheetah Messaging

Our best-in-class cross-channel messaging capabilities empower brands to deliver on their promises and meet enterprise-scale consumer needs.

Connect with customers on their terms

The key to creating brand intimacy is simple: connect with customers by delivering valuable experiences that matter. Cheetah Messaging enables marketers to manage every campaign and channel in a single interface, making it easy to build multifaceted communications that deliver a value exchange across every interaction.

Built for the future
Cheetah Messaging offers unparalleled advantages for global enterprises. From scaling to hourly burst rates to sending infrastructure customization to messaging demands, Cheetah Messaging is a scale leader that helps clients prepare for the growth and digital disruptions happening in the market.
Single customer view
Connecting consumer data is the catalyst to driving in-the-moment customer views. Cheetah Messaging provides the ability to manage a comprehensive, real-time view of the consumer by connecting all data types and sources in a normalized format that can be readily accessed and used for exploration, targeting, and personalization.
Interoperable solution
As a part of our Cheetah Digital Customer Engagement Suite, Cheetah Messaging seamlessly integrates with our other solutions. You can take advantage of our powerful zero- and first-party data collection engine, manage the entirety of your customer lifecycle, access robust data insights and analytics through our EDP, and more.
Audience segmentation
Cheetah Messaging’s drag-and-drop audience segmentation tools help you create customer segments in real-time. The queries are processed in milliseconds, allowing marketers to see counts and sums, and apply any filter, exclusion, or prediction for exploration, decisioning, and targeting.
Built for marketers
Creating memorable customer experiences takes careful coordination. Cheetah Messaging makes it easy to quickly create campaigns and manage business rules for email, SMS, MMS, push, social, and mobile wallet with reusable assets, including audiences, segments, content blocks, and creative strategy.
Delivery infrastructure
Cheetah Messaging is an unparalleled leader in enterprise messaging infrastructure. Our solution is highly configurable and allows brands to rapidly scale up to shifting demand, business cycles, and whatever event might arise.
Personalized messages
Customers crave individualized communications. Powered by our engagement data management platform, Cheetah Messaging has the robust insights and optimized data marketers need to deliver the right, personalized messages to customers on a one-to-one basis.
Content creation
With Cheetah Messaging, creating a beautiful email in an efficient manner doesn’t require coding expertise. Our content designer automatically optimizes your design to render on all devices, ensuring what you see on the screen during building is exactly what your customers receive.
Testing & optimization
Cheetah Messaging provides the foundation for brands to test campaign hypotheses and apply results to ongoing programs. We provide responsive previews, content proofing, and automatic A/B/N and multivariate testing. This workflow is a catalyst to enhancing marketing efforts and success for today and tomorrow.
Reporting & analytics
We make it easy to understand how your campaigns perform and optimize future instances of them. With pre-built and fully customizable reports, Cheetah Messaging is designed to provide valuable, relevant insights per your brand’s specifications.
One or many brands
Operating across the world requires strategic outreach and localized marketing to drive global brand loyalty. Cheetah Messaging’s distributed marketing capability enables brands to interact with local markets using dynamic, on-brand marketing, unique loyalty programs, localized offers, promotions, earning opportunities, and rewards.

Some of the world’s best brands trust Cheetah Messaging to achieve their goals and deliver on their priorities. Our platform will revolutionize your marketing program. 


We protect your brand and customers

We have successfully led some of the globe’s leading brands through an increasingly complex security environment for the last two decades — and we’re ready to protect your brand, too. We make sure your customer, campaign, and company information is safe by complying with GDPR and SOC 2 Type 2. We utilize proven best practices, data encryption, and strict security standards, and make regular enhancements that improve our ability to thwart security threats before they ever impact the platform. 


Ready for end-to-end marketing solutions?

Cheetah Messaging is just one solution helping our clients reach their goals. As a part of our Customer Engagement Suite — a set of seamlessly connected solutions that provides value across every step of the customer lifecycle — Cheetah Messaging is even more powerful when paired with our other solutions.