Cheetah Digital for CPG & FMCG

At Cheetah Digital we want to empower CPG marketers to take control of their data, action it, and ultimately unlock direct-to-consumer relationships. Download this fact sheet to find out how our Customer Engagement Suite puts the consumer at the center of your strategy, allowing you to truly deliver on the growing demand for authentic, convenient and personalized experiences.

Who is this document for?

CPG marketers looking to acquire and engage directly with consumers in channels such as email, mobile, web, social, and offline channels that result in engagement, new revenue opportunities, and marketing efficiencies. 

What will I learn about?

  1. Market Overview - summary of the world CPG marketers are working in today. 
  2. Key Capabilities - breakdown of the specific areas Cheetah Digital can help transform CPG brands.   
  3. Benefits, Key Stats, & Quotes - helpful accompanying material.


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