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How Hiscox Is Delivering Personalized, High-Converting Email

Get the inside story on how Cheetah Digital’s Messaging solution is empowering the team at Hiscox to send personalized, high-converting email that stops customer churn.

A Little Background

Hiscox is a specialist insurer with a long heritage of offering insurance products to businesses of all sizes. It’s this brand promise, and gold service customer service rating that means Hiscox is trusted by over 300,000 small and medium business and 60,000 homes in the UK alone.

We sat down with Ioanna Meli, Online Marketing Manager at Hiscox, to get the inside story on how Cheetah Digital’s Messaging solution is empowering the team at Hiscox to send personalized, high-converting emails that engage customers.

300k SME customers in the UK
60k household customers in the UK
4.6/5 star customer service rating

The Challenge

There are a myriad of buyer personas that purchase insurance, from the highly-engaged, to those buying a policy because they’re required to do so by law. Those that understand the specific type of cover they require in granularity, to those that have no idea where to begin. Triggering emails to all these different personas, with the right messaging requires a comprehensive strategy, complemented by the technology to realize it.

What’s more, where marketers in most verticals can recommend products, cross-sell and up-sell, it’s more complex for those working in highly regulated areas such as insurance.

Hiscox needed a messaging solution, backed-up with an always-on team that could empower it to build fully-compliant, high-converting email campaigns with unparalleled audience segmentation and delivery infrastructure. Enter Cheetah Messaging.

The Brief

Hiscox approached Cheetah Digital to quickly and efficiently upgrade its messaging solution for sending large numbers of triggered emails.

They wanted to be able to segment different buyer personas and customer journeys, A/B test, and deliver high-converting emails with easy to digest analytics.

We couldn't A/B test with the platform we were using before… So we're really happy that it's just so easy with the Cheetah team to put things in place.

The Solution: Cheetah Messaging

There are numerous touchpoints for brands to connect with their customers, but email is still comfortably the preferred channel of many consumers . However, rising above the noise in crowded inboxes and making that connection can be a challenge.

Hiscox powers email from Cheetah Messaging to more closely align with its customers’ expectations, improve the relevancy of emails, and make that all-important connection. Instead of a single blanket email for all customers, it now has a range of emails for different segments and buyer personas. These emails may include a “buy now” call-to-action for a more experienced customer, or call-to-actions that link to FAQs and videos for those who wish to learn more.

The team at Hiscox can use personalized content for customer on-boarding, trigger communications in real-time, reactivate lapsed customers and use machine learning for send-time optimization, propensity to open, A/B testing and much more.

We found that working with Cheetah directly is just so much easier, quicker, and it's just more efficient for us. And saving a little money by not paying a middle man.

The Results

14.5% increase in January 2021 compared to November 2020 after the email redesign